Do you keep changing your career from one workplace to another for career development purposes after a few years of seniority? This might be because you do not find enough space to grow within your current workplace.

However, sometimes you might want to think again before changing your career. Perhaps look at opportunities within your current employment and work on gaining additional skills so that you can advance your career. 

If you commit yourself to the below tips, you will develop your career faster than others within your current workplace.

  • Assess your interest again: If you work in an area of employment which is not a fit for your skill set, you will likely struggle. It is never too late to change if you find you are doing a job that you don’t like or is not suited to your skills.
  • Set a career plan: To grow your career you need to plan and set goals.  This will ensure that you stay focused. Ask yourself where you want to be in the next five years and strive to obtain those objectives.  Keep in mind that it is fine to change those goals as time progresses.  
  • Explore higher positions in your field: Sometimes employers will need to back fill positions while staff are away. This may create an opportunity for you to act in a higher role.  It is an opportunity to challenge yourself and learn more skills.  The roles can be for a long or short duration. 
  • Invest in training and education: Do commit yourself to continuous improvement. There are different ways to develop your skills and knowledge - spend some of your time to do another degree, join short training courses, take online courses or learn things by yourself.
  • Commit to getting close to excellent performance: Set yourself a standardised level to reach at your workplace. Put great effort into your work to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Networking: Develop professional networks by meeting professional people in your field. These networks can be from friendships, mentors and people that you meet at an event. These people can also bring you opportunities and help you solve problems.
  • Learn about the company and departments: Research the company you will be working for. Learn their goals and vision.  Incorporate this into your own plan.  Explore other departments and learn their requirements.  Perhaps your skill set could be transferable to another department.  
  • Be a team player: Every workplace needs teamwork. Make yourself the person in the team, not the superstar.
  • Help other people: It is not enough to perform your own duties/responsibilities well. Help other people as much as you can. Share your knowledge. Helping others makes you stand out of the crowd and earns respect.